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Remodeling Experts

Your goal is our purpose. JRC Construction helps to turn your house goals into a reality. As the best general contractor in Long Island and New York City, we will work with your team to develop a strategy to deliver your project safely and effectively.

From pre-construction to completion, our general contractor services ensure that your project proceeds as smoothly as possible. We provide assistance during all the phases of construction and offer scheduling, quality assurance, and supervision. In addition, we’ll continue to be committed to encouraging construction site safety and dealing with all the various peculiar difficulties that come up along the road.

JRC Construction is your dependable partner and assistant for all your remodeling and construction requirements in the Long Island and New York City decisions. JRC Construction has been the most reputable general contractor & remodeling expert for over 20 years, and we only hire devoted professionals at our company. In addition to offering high-quality building and repair services, we put customer satisfaction over everything.

JRC’s General Contracting Services

For more than 20 years, we have provided professional general contractor and remodeling services. JRC Construction works in all New York and Long Island decisions.

Experienced Professionals

Our experts are prepared to walk you through the whole building process, down to the tiniest details, so you fully comprehend your project. We assist you at every stage, whether you require general contracting or expert consulting services. We have a group of highly skilled professionals in carpentry, finishing works, plumbing, electrical, and more.


We value each project and build it with honesty and care. We maintain an eye on your demands, vision, and staff safety during new construction and meticulous upgrades. We can provide the support you require because of our in-depth business knowledge and solid connections with vendors and subcontractors. Our primary goal is to help you achieve your goals by providing high-quality service and remaining honest while maintaining value and safety.

Safety & Reliability

To keep the project sites secure and safeguard your materials and property, we’ll ensure all necessary safety precautions and standards are in place, from licensing and insurance to knowing which suppliers, subcontractors, and supervisors are working on the site times.


Our qualified team will offer necessary, organized scheduling and thorough timetables from design to pre-construction to completion. The project will be carried out productively because of our schedule. You won’t have to wait for us all day. We accept your requests for a time and date that works for you. Our team will call you an hour before departure and arrive at your location without any delay.

An intricate web of dynamics that includes builders, suppliers, subcontractors, materials, timetables, and much more can arise during the construction process. From planning to completion, the general contractors at JRC Construction provide a comprehensive range of production and management services that have been mapped out, created, and adjusted to meet the needs of your particular project.



New Roofing for Your Home – Remodeling Experts

New Roofing for Your Home - Remodeling Experts

JRC Construction believes that solid roofing is essential for every property. Your roofing system should be weatherproof, allow for enough ventilation, and be economical with energy. And the best defense for your house against unpredictable weather and normal wear and tear is a sturdy roof. Every homeowner needs a reliable roofing provider, whether they require repairs for storm-related damage or repair for everyday wear and tear.

A group of knowledgeable roofing contractors at JRC Construction is experts in constructing new and replacement roofs, removing old ones, and doing roof repairs. Our work meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s warranties, and we use high-quality roofing materials and provide excellent services to our clients. We are a licensed and fully insured company in all phases of construction serving in the Nassau and Suffolk County area. We take great pride in using the best roofing materials available.

JRC Construction has the best customer satisfaction rating in the industry with over 15000 happy clients. Get in touch with us for a free estimate for a new roofing system installation. Our team of roofing experts will assist you in choosing the ideal roof for your home’s requirements.

Remodeling Experts

You now understand it’s time to replace your roof, but how do you get started? You can contact the JRC Construction team for a free estimate!

It’s important to understand that the roof is the key structural element of your home and you should replace your roof as it approaches its lifespan of 15-20 years because it needs to be strong enough to protect your home from rain, snowfall, and other conditions. A new roofing system will help to significantly increase your home’s worth, as there have been various developments in roofing materials since your last roofing system was installed. Install a new roofing system for improved protection, energy efficiency, and curb appeal.

You can replace your roofing system for multiple reasons, due as extreme weather, poor installation, or inexpensive materials. The skilled roofers at JRC Construction can evaluate any potential damage and recommend various roof replacement choices. Your new roof will not only protect your house for many years to come, but it will also look beautiful and raise the value of your house thanks to the variety of shingle types, shapes, and available colors.

Contact us at (631) 830-2985 or email us at jcpremier@gmail for a FREE estimate if you’re interested in Roofing Installation, Replacement, or Repair. We have been providing roofing, siding, home extension, renovation, and construction services for the past 20+ years across New York and all of Long Island’s decisions.

Best Contractors for Siding

Best Contractors for Siding

Siding Installation

In Long Island, New York, JRC Construction provides the most skilled siding installation services. We can completely revamp the exterior of your home with the help of our team of highly experienced technicians, who are experts in installing a range of colored or textured siding. We can assist you in selecting the siding that will look best on your property. We can help you make the best decision for your home, whether you want a handcrafted design, a weather-resistant makeover, or a natural wood aesthetic.

JRC Construction has various high-quality options for siding in the Long Island and New York City areas. Vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, cedar shake siding, cultured stone, brick, and more are just some of the siding options we provide as a reputable Long Island Siding Contractor. We have siding options to suit any taste or budget.

JRC Construction is committed to providing premium services at competitive prices. Everyone deserves the chance to make their home lovely, in our opinion. We have been providing service to Long Island & New York for over 20 years, and we’re prepared to meet all of your siding demands. We can assist you in selecting the ideal siding solution for your house. We guarantee that only qualified professionals will install your new siding. JRC Construction has a leadership team with an average tenure of over 20 years. Whatever your goal is, we can help you achieve it.

Siding Replacement & Repair

Is your siding affected by a hailstorm, getting cracks in places, or starting to rot? If you’re affected by any of this, you might need to replace your siding.

It might be challenging to choose the ideal design when you want to replace your home’s siding. We are here to assist you with inquiries regarding the installation of new siding and to lead you toward a completely different appearance that you will appreciate. Our siding services will increase your home’s aesthetic appeal and make it easier to maintain the desired appearance using low-maintenance materials. With over 20 years of experience, JRC Construction is Long Island’s best siding contractor. JRC Construction provides various low-maintenance, high-quality, and energy-efficient vinyl siding options. You would be astounded by our extensive selection of vinyl shake and insulated siding colors and patterns.

The satisfaction of our clients is a reward for us, and we take great pride in the quality of every repair and installation project we complete. Our years of knowledge and attentiveness to our client’s needs have earned us a solid reputation among homeowners. Our mission is to establish long-lasting connections with our clients so that we may continue to meet all of their siding requirements.

Send us an email at jcpremier@gmail or give us a call at (631) 830-2985 to get a free estimate for your property.

New Driveway for Your Home

New Driveway for Your Home

New Driveway for Your Home – Remodeling Experts

More than just a means for cars to enter your garage, driveways offer convenience. Driveways that are well-kept and appealing to the eye improve curb appeal, and some even serve as play areas. But after a while, they start to seem old due to cracks, spalling, and other unsightly indicators of continued stress. Your thoughts may then turn to remodel your driveway.

When to Hire a Driveway Repair & Remodel Contractor?

Your driveway’s potholes, fractures, cracking, and missing stonework are indications that it needs to be repaired or replaced. Failure to fix these problems could result in flat tires, an ugly appearance, and a home with lesser resale value.

If these problems go unattended & don’t get resolved in time, water will collect in the holes and make the driveway worse. Depending on the severity of the damage, we may advise either a repair or a complete driveway replacement.

When replacing driveways, we take into account two factors. Your driveway should be repaired if it is less than ten years old. Regardless of age, you should replace it if it has significant damage.

The layers beneath the driveway frequently become damaged by severe surface damage. Once this occurs, it won’t be long before the remaining driveway collapses. Even though it may be tempting to repair, you will ultimately pay more for repairs than you would for a replacement.

Benefits of Driveway Remodeling & Repair

Are you searching for driveway contractors for your home? Do you want your Driveway Repaired? Or are you considering a Driveway Remodel? Here are the benefits of getting your driveway repaired or remodeled.

Resale Value

When you remodel a part of your property, its resale value rises. A brand-new driveway is alluring to prospective purchasers since it looks nice and will last a long time.

When buying a home, most purchasers worry about the possible cost of repairs. Buyers will favor purchasing your property over other homes on the block because your driveway can endure up to 20 years, and they may even be willing to pay more. A new driveway is a fantastic method to attract more buyers, achieve a better price when selling, and can hasten the sale of your property.

Aesthetic Appeal

People favor pulling up to a nice-looking residence. We handle repairs, but we are also experts at remodeling your driveway. Repairs can leave a lot to be desired, as any reputable driveway contractor will tell you. Be cautious when you repair your driveway because the new patchwork looks prominent.

The best option for a clean appearance is to replace your driveway. Additionally, contemporary driveway designs might improve the entire appearance of your house. Older driveways deteriorate from regular use and sun exposure. If you want to modify the remainder of your home, we advise installing a new driveway. Your entire house will appear new after doing this.

The Best Driveways Contractors in Long Island & New York City

Although creating a driveway may appear simple, it takes talent, perseverance, and expertise. With the finest tools and industry-leading knowledge, our experts will ensure you receive the outcomes you want. Our company takes great pride in its capacity to provide client satisfaction and consistently goes above and beyond your expectations.

Contact us for a FREE estimate today if you’re seeking the best driveway contractor services in Long Island & New York City!
Call/text us at (631) 830-2985 or email us at jcpremier@gmail

Contractors who build roofing systems near me

Roofing Systems

A solid & functioning building needs a good roof. A well-designed and well-executed roof system demonstrate a professional structure while the roof’s lifespan depends on the decisions taken during design, the construction phase, and the usage of the building. At the design stage, we set a target for a roof’s life span, which affects its structural system, features, and materials.

We build the roof of buildings according to design specifications, building practices, and industry-approved installation procedures. Correct and frequent maintenance during a roof’s service life is crucial to its durability and performance. All stages of a roof’s life cycle must be executed correctly and specified to reach its predicted lifespan.

A roof must be watertight, support snow, be appealing, have a permanent abrasion-resistant surface, and not absorb or lose heat. A good roof endures natural occurrences like; strong winds, storms, heavy snow, and earthquakes.

Do you need to install new roofing for your home construction or replace old and damaged roofing?

Contractors near me: JRC Construction

Contact us for a free estimate!

Types of Roofing Systems

Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofs are the go-to for homeowners. They are ubiquitous in commercial and transportation hubs, offices, schools, and homes. They come in several colors and styles; for a roof that is incredibly easy on the wallet but also highly durable and impervious to water. Mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel are all widely-used metals. Protecting steel roofing sheets from corrosion is a common practice, which is why the material is commonly galvanized or coated with other materials. Steel sheets can be as thin as 0.5 mm while aluminum sheets can be as thin as 1 mm. Because of this, they need roofing materials like insulation and additional layers.

Slate or Stone Roofs

Stone is a poor choice for roofing because of its weight. Slate is a type of naturally occurring stone that may be easily sliced into thin sheets by striking it with a chisel. The resulting tiles are fine and watertight, allowing them to overlap to create a roof. There is not much waterproof seal between the tiles because the stone tiles are not all the same size and thickness. So to prevent water from seeping through the cracks, the roof needs to have a decent slope, between 20 and 30 degrees.

Thatch Roofs

A thatch roof has a slope of 45 degrees and a thickness of 400mm (16″). It is made of dried plant stems. This thickness is composed of various layers of different plant fibers. Gravity draws water down when it falls on a thatch roof, causing it to trickle from layer to layer. The layers created by the thickness allow the water drops to flow horizontally out of the building before they fall into a room. The steep slope helps the drops get out of the building more quickly before dropping inside by increasing their speed. As a result, this type of roof differs significantly from other roof types in that it includes numerous partially waterproof layers rather than a single watertight one.

Wood Shingle Roofs

Hardwood shingles were traditionally utilized in numerous countries across the world because they are lightweight and easier to replace.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Asphalt shingles are not made of traditional materials like clay or stone, but rather are thin rubber-like sheets with a shingle-like appearance. The underside often adheres to the surface with an adhesive or heated bitumen.

Clay Tile Roofs

Clay is a readily available material that is also simple to mold into forms that channel to direct the flow of water. It is still commonly used and has a pleasing appearance in many regions.

Contractors near me who build & renovate Roofing Systems:

JRC Construction is Long Island’s Premier General Contractor Home Building & Remodeling Expert with over 20 years of building and home renovation experience. We provide the best construction services all over Long Island and New York City.

We are licensed and insured to work on all phases of construction in Nassau and Suffolk County. Serving as a reliable Long Island contractor has offered us great pleasure throughout the years.

For almost 20 years, our company has relied on referrals. Our focal points are customer satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term customer relationships.