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Your goal is our purpose. JRC Construction helps to turn your house goals into a reality. As the best general contractor in Long Island and New York City, we will work with your team to develop a strategy to deliver your project safely and effectively.

From pre-construction to completion, our general contractor services ensure that your project proceeds as smoothly as possible. We provide assistance during all the phases of construction and offer scheduling, quality assurance, and supervision. In addition, we’ll continue to be committed to encouraging construction site safety and dealing with all the various peculiar difficulties that come up along the road.

JRC Construction is your dependable partner and assistant for all your remodeling and construction requirements in the Long Island and New York City decisions. JRC Construction has been the most reputable general contractor & remodeling expert for over 20 years, and we only hire devoted professionals at our company. In addition to offering high-quality building and repair services, we put customer satisfaction over everything.

JRC’s General Contracting Services

For more than 20 years, we have provided professional general contractor and remodeling services. JRC Construction works in all New York and Long Island decisions.

Experienced Professionals

Our experts are prepared to walk you through the whole building process, down to the tiniest details, so you fully comprehend your project. We assist you at every stage, whether you require general contracting or expert consulting services. We have a group of highly skilled professionals in carpentry, finishing works, plumbing, electrical, and more.


We value each project and build it with honesty and care. We maintain an eye on your demands, vision, and staff safety during new construction and meticulous upgrades. We can provide the support you require because of our in-depth business knowledge and solid connections with vendors and subcontractors. Our primary goal is to help you achieve your goals by providing high-quality service and remaining honest while maintaining value and safety.

Safety & Reliability

To keep the project sites secure and safeguard your materials and property, we’ll ensure all necessary safety precautions and standards are in place, from licensing and insurance to knowing which suppliers, subcontractors, and supervisors are working on the site times.


Our qualified team will offer necessary, organized scheduling and thorough timetables from design to pre-construction to completion. The project will be carried out productively because of our schedule. You won’t have to wait for us all day. We accept your requests for a time and date that works for you. Our team will call you an hour before departure and arrive at your location without any delay.

An intricate web of dynamics that includes builders, suppliers, subcontractors, materials, timetables, and much more can arise during the construction process. From planning to completion, the general contractors at JRC Construction provide a comprehensive range of production and management services that have been mapped out, created, and adjusted to meet the needs of your particular project.



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